Shows & News

Marion is excited to be launching a Direct-to-Vinyl Project through the sponsorship of Leesta Vall Recording Studios in New York - place your order now!  More details here.  Also, Marion has formed a new Louisville-based trio with Sister Jane and guitar master Chris Fargen called The Weeping Pints - learn more about the band's plans here. To learn more about upcoming shows and other news, see Marion's latest newsletter here . 

Pandemic Creations

Hate That Kinda Love. This song was written after several weeks of struggling to understand the love that drove a mob to attack our nation's capitol on January 6.  It will be released as part of a compilation album of original  music by Philly artists issued in February 2021.  More details coming soon.

I Dont Know Them - Very pleased that this tribute to essential workers is part of a compilation of  music  led by Emily Joy Goldberg, called 'Songs from the Inside"-the album features songs written during quarantine by Philly songwriters. Click here to buy the album- all proceeds go to benefit COVID19 Arts Aid PHL Fund and The Emergency Gap Relief Fund for Philly’s Black Working Artists.

The Measure. This song was written for a compilation album of original  'holiday' music by Philly artists.  All proceeds from the album support Philly area non-profits -click here to go to the Bandcamp page to download the album.  The song is also available as a single - click here