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Corona Virus & Other News

Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.  Please assume that any and all shows are CANCELLED until further notice.  Meantime, check out my latest newsletter HERE;and these 'rough draft' videos of the new music I've been writing during quarantine. 

I Dont Know Them - Very pleased that my latest song 'I Dont Know Them' is part of a compilation of  music  led by Emily Joy Goldberg, called 'Songs from the Inside",  featuring songs written during quarantine by Philly songwriters. Click Here to go to the Bandcamp page to download the music - all proceeds go to benefit COVID19 Arts Aid PHL Fund and The Emergency Gap Relief Fund for Philly’s Black Working Artists.

Nobody's Baby Now - A song, inspired by memories of the monster tornado that hit Louisville in 1974 when I was a small child. Really though, a song about my parents. Grateful too that my sister Jane was able to visit me in May  and add some of her beautiful violin to this demo track. Looking forward to formally recording this in a few months.