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EPK:  For an EPK with 'live' links to video and music, click HERE.  Marion has both a 'short' and 'long' form available upon request  - please contact her if you need an adjustment to the information provided here.

Photo by Lou Tingle @WFPK Kentucky Homefront Radio Show

Photo by Lou Tingle @WFPK Kentucky Homefront Radio Show

PHOTOS: Below-listed files are downloadable photos and may be used for promotion of Marion's music/shows so long as proper attribution included.

One of my last live shows pre-pandemic  December 2019 - WFDU John Platt's On Your Radar Show @ Rockwood Music Hall NYC 


When I first discovered Marion and her music I was blown away by the song-writing and you will be too 
Ron Olesko (WFDU 89.1 FM Traditions; Folk Music Notebook)

Halliday and her band bring together their diverse talents to create an enticing blend of indie, folk, and bluegrass musical styles, with lush vocal harmonies over-top 
John Gage (WFPK 91.9 P-Feb 2017) 

This timeless tune [Rings Around Saturn] from Marion Halliday is beautifully sung and beautifully captured.. . easy to make comparisons to both The Staves and First Aid Kit . . .  a delicate and thoughtful piece that showcases a tremendous, characterful vocal 
Chris Porter July 2019, Stereo Stickman