Written for a Philadelphia Benefit for Women Against abuse - when you love someone who may hurt themselves or others, you can't change the truth of the choices they will make.


V- You can look down if you want to, You can look up and see the blue. But you stopped looking long ago, I stopped asking, don't wanna know. You’re gonna do what you're gonna do. . . . These things you’re gonna do.

V2- I saw that mark it was on your skin, It says so much more then where you've been. But you can tell me what you want, Wont change what you’re gonna do. Won't change what we both know . . . is the truth. . . can't change the truth. . .

BREAK: We know the path you choose is yours alone to decide
All the love we have for you, May not be enough to make you change your mind . . . Can't change your mind . . .

V3- You can push that chair right up to the edge, One step from there you’re on the ledge-But take one good look down, It's a very hard . . . ground, It's a very hard truth. These things you’re gonna do. . .Whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do?. . .Can't change the truth can’t change the truth can’t change the truth [2X]