Studio Work

Marion began writing her own music in earnest in 2016 and her first foray into recording her original music was her 2017 EP WALKING IN TALL GRASS (with Trickster Sister).  Marion's debut full-length solo album, RINGS AROUND SATURN, was released in July 2019 and landed  that month at #3 on the US/International Folk Radio DJ charts (data compiled by Folk Alliance International). Marion is grateful to so many who have helped her on both projects and she also wants to give a special shout out  to Cambridge Sound Studios & Jim Salamone  and his talented team of engineers, Todd Mecaughey and Drew Taurisano, for the countless hours they spent working on both recordings.  Their assistance and insight made the final product infinitely better than it would have otherwise been.  

Go to 'Merchandise' page on this website to listen to and purchase Marion's music;  check out the studio and get more information by clicking HERE.

Directly below are video clips from new music Marion is currently working on formally recording - look for these to be released as singles, hopefully in 2020. Following that, are a variety of video representing mostly originals plus a few covers.

Other Live Performance Video

The video below represent the range of original musicMarion does (and for which there are formal studio recordings) plus a couple of favorite covers thrown in for good measure - enjoy!