Glowing Reviews Are Pouring In For Marion's Debut Solo Album (July 2019)!

Glowing Reviews Are Pouring In For Marion's Debut Solo Album (July 2019)!

This timeless tune from Marion Halliday is beautifully sung and beautifully captured.. . It would be very easy to make comparisons to both the The Staves and First Aid Kit at this point, but the truth is. . .  Marion doesn’t sound like either of them...It’s a delicate and thoughtful piece that showcases a tremendous, characterful vocal. 

Chris Porter, Stereo Stickman

Marion Halliday shows her talents in a traditional way, taking cues from her predecessors like Peter, Paul and Mary, Pete Seeger, Odetta, Joan Baez and others that sought to use their musical talents to convey and communicate a new way of thinking, to bring a message of hope to those that felt hopeless. As in her song “Thoughts and Prayers” she tackles the highly emotionally charged issue of the unnecessary loss of life happening in our world, but not by pointing a finger of blame, but by extending her hand in love and understanding, her songs are miraculous, her voice is a new beacon of peace in this troublesome time. 

Joe Timmons, Indie Pulse Music 

Radio Shows/Podcasts

This list was last updated in June 2019 - it will be updated again in August!

  • John Gage (WFPK  91.9 FM) 
  • Joe Pszonek (Joltin Joe's Internet Radio for Eclectic Tastes) 
  • Ron Olesko (WFDU 89.1 FM)
  • Jon Stein (WTBQ, Hootenanny Cafe) 
  • Artie Martello King Hammer (WICX 91.3 FM, Mostly Folk, Power Folk)
  •  Gavin Caster (WCHQ 100.9 FM)
  •  Ray Naylor (Internet Host)
  • Ian Zolitor (WXPN  88.5 FM) 
  • Lance Fingles (Gashouse Radio

Studios, Recordings

Cambridge Sound Studios & Jim Salamone - Humongous thank you to Jim Salamone and his talented team of engineers, Todd Mecaughey and Drew Taurisano, for the countless hours they spent working on our first formal  recording project.  Their assistance and insight made the final product better than it would have been . . . can't wait to get back there for some more recording in 2018!   Check out their studio and get more information here