fall 2018 newsletter

Hello to All!

I hope FALL is treating you well. Hard to believe its here (and not a moment too soon . . . this is my FAVORITE season). From a music perspective,  I have had an off-the-charts fabulous Summer and Fall looks to be more of the wonderful same. 
Upcoming Shows: 

A full roster of shows coming up in October/November - I do hope to see you at one or even some! 
More information for all these shows can be found on my website or FB page.
  • September 29- Fundraiser for Kristin Seale (progressive running for State Rep in Media PA) - 3:00 p.m. Smedly Park
  • October 3- Philadelphia Folksong Society, Hosting Open Mic - 7 p.m. PFS Home
  • October 4- Cosmic Cafe Pop-up Beer Garden - 6-10 p.m. @ 1 Boathouse Row
  • October 7- Hootenanny Cafe (10 of my songs will be featured in an on air mini-concert by wtbq.com host Jon Stein) 9 p.m.
  • October 17- World Cafe Live (Upstairs) - appearing with Julie Levitina - doors 7:00; show 7:30
  • October 18- Greensgrow Twilight Market - 6p.m
  • October 20- Folk Factory - opening for renowned Windorne Quartet, 8 p.m.
  • October 30- Gashouse Radio Show - Marion featured in Lance Fingles’ Dungeon Music Series (www.gashouseradio.com) 9 p.m.
  • November 2- Jamey’s House of Music ‘Sirens of Song’ with Meghan Cary and Lisa Jeanette - 7p.m., Landsdowne PA
  • November 8- selected by WFDU-FM ’Traditions’ host Ron Olesko to appear in  the Suzi Wollenberg Folk DJ Showcase at the Northeast Regional Folk Alliance! Thursday 9:34 p..m

Newly Released Music/Video: 

Still working on wrapping up a full-length CD with our friends at Cambridge Recording Studio.  The CD will be comprised largely of the Philadelphia-inspired songs I have written over the last three year. Hoping to have it out by early 2019.  Meantime, we issued a few tracks as singles this Spring and have been gratified that several folk DJs have been playing them. Video for these new releases are below - please take a listen!  

  • If Statues Could Speak (with special thanks for assistance of the Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Tribe on the Lenape language I use at the end of this song and to Jen Corry for the photos of the Wissahickon Statue used in the this video)
  • Bourbon and Men- nothing to explain about this one - my two favorite things! - but the video is a fun montage of photos of me and the Sisters.
  • Time to Live Again- the images for this music video are a series of photographs of beautiful paintings by my father Bob Halliday - an amazing artist who is still seriously producing new art, and showing it at galleries, as he comes down the homestretch to 90 years of age - I think his paintings fit my new song beautifully! 
Final Thoughts:   

I had the joy of playing a number of fantastic shows and festivals this summer; I also saw some amazing sites in several beautiful locales, both foreign and domestic. And of course, I wrote a few new songs. I didn’t quite get the work done on my CD as I had hoped but, well, there is always tomorrow.

And on that note, I had a few moments this summer to reflect on how LUCKY I am that, well, I do get to have moments with those I love, that I have the opportunity to go places and do the thing I enjoy, playing and performing for people who want to HEAR what I have to say through my music. For some reason, this year I feel like there was an extra rash of sad and tragic events detonating in my periphery and bringing sorrow to those I care about. Maybe its just a manifestation of the times we are living in. An unremitting, vague but tangible sense of sadness, negativity and despair. All to say that I have spent more time this Summer than perhaps any other, reflecting on how flleeting life is and that we should grab hold of the PRESENT and the times we have with those we love as there is never a guarantee that there will be a ‘next time’. ‘Nuff said . . . .Take care and have a great Fall!