latest music

 The tracks below, along with several others currently in process, will be part of a full-length CD released in 2019.  The CD will contain10 or so songs, including s a few new ones that are part of Marion's Philly Songs Project (click on the tab of same name, in left hand navigation bar for more info on the project).

debut ep - walking in tall grass

The music from Marion and the Band's debut EP (November 2017) Walking in Tall Grass can be purchased from any of your favorite online music venues (you can take a listen by clicking on below links).SPECIAL NOTE:  Marion is donating proceeds from downloads of "Can't Change the Truth" to, which is one of only a handful of treatment programs in Pennsylvania dedicated to treating and supporting women with substance use disorders.

music video & live performances

Ahead of releasing Marion's full-length solo CD in 2019, she is issuing several singles in video form- here are a couple.  In addition, below are some select clips from other live performances, both originals and covers. More  video can be seen on this website ('Marion's Philly Songs') as well as on Marion's youtube channel including some new songs 'under development'.


The images in "Time to Live Again" are paintings by Marion's father, the artist Bob Halliday -

Marion had the special assistance of the Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Tribe in the creation of the last verse of this