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BOOKINGS: Marion and/or the band perform a range of original music as well as covers, and in a variety of musical combinations (solo, duo, trio or even trio+). Pricing will depend on number of performers and equipment requirements.




Marion Halliday & Trickster Sister

Marion Halliday, a native Kentuckian now living in Philadelphia PA, and her band Trickster Sister, is proud purveyor of their own special blend of bluegrass and bourbon-infused, original, women-powered, Americana. 

In January 2018 Marion, songwriter for the band, was named "One of the Ones to Watch" by the Nashville Songwriters' Association International.  Also in 2018, her music has been featured on various radio shows in several states (Kentucky, Pennsylvania, New York) as well as several prominent festivals and venues including Huntington Folk Festival, Ladybug Festival, Philadelphia Folk Festival.  In May, Marion, along with Sister Jane, played to a packed house  in Inverness, Scotland, at the historic music venue, The Market Bar. In November 2018, Marion was chosen to be a featured performer at NERFA (Northeast Regional Folk Alliance) in the Suzi Wollenberg Folk DJ Showcase.

Marion's band, Trickster Sister, is comprised of her sister Jane Halliday of Louisville, Kentucky (violin, banjo uke, vocals), and Philadelphia native, Donna Bostock (bass/percussion, vocals). Trickster Sister completed its first EP of Marion's original music in Fall 2017 and anticipates release of a new full-length album in early 2019. 

Trickster Sister Backstage 2017

Trickster Sister Backstage 2017

"The group brings together their diverse talents to create an enticing blend of indie, folk, and bluegrass musical styles, with lush vocal harmonies over-top"

WFPK 91.9 Public Radio Host John Gage - 2017

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