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RINGS AROUND SATURN -  Launching July 1! 

Its been two years in the making but the time has come to release my debut solo album, Rings Around Saturn.  As I was wrapping up work on the album I was reminded how the ‘good things’ in life are almost never experienced (or accomplished) alone. And speaking of 'Good Things' - check out the FREE download of the track from the album of the same name - 'Good Things Will Come' -  at the end of this email!

I’m so grateful to everyone that has helped me on the album and  to get to this point as an artist.  These include:

  • Jane Halliday (aka my sister) and Donna Bostock (together with Jane they are 'Trickster Sister') who supported me in the baby steps it took to do the initial CD and then helped in so many ways on many tracks on the current album,
  • Robert Halliday (aka 'dad') who created the album art- dig it!- and which captures beautifully the essence of the title track;
  • Jim Salamone and the fine folks of Cambridge Sound who helped me to realize the vision for the album from its recording through to its luscious final production;
  • All the friends and musicians who participated in adding their talents to various tracks including Jane Halliday, Donna Bostock, Peter Farrell, Jim Salamone, Todd MeCaughey, Meghan Cary, Irene Lambrou, Lisa Jeanette, Desiree Haney, Brad Hinton, Dave Mowry, Mike Parisi, and Giada Tripepi;
  • The various DJs who have taken an early listen to the tracks and even begun playing the music before release, as well as also invited me to discuss the music on their shows-Joe Pszonek; Artie Martello Hammer; Ron Olesko, John Sillberg, Jim Sereda, Friedrich Hog; and,
  • ALL my family and friends that have endured my incessant whining, complaining, neurotic behaviors, and generalized stressing  - all the while kindly reassuring me at every turn 'you can do this.' Thanks again to each and everyone of you for all your love and support of me and my music. I promise NOT to do this again . . . well, for at least a year or so!

Sooooooo . . .  What's Next? July 1 is the official launch to folk radio and when the music will be available on all your favorite digital streaming media. July 13 is the CD release celebration show at the Philadelphia Folksong Society. I’m sharing the bill that night with dear friends Meghan Cary and Peter Farrell (who contributed to the album and will be supporting me in my set!) and their Analog Gypsies.  Many other fine folks who participated in the creation of various tracks of the album will be part of the evening and  a few other special musical guests - hope to see you there!

Upcoming Shows
July 6 @Cosmic Cafe-Sat, 12-3 (joined by Kicking Down Doors & LOW Trio)
July 7 @Radio Interview– Guest on Joe Pzonek’s “Eclectic Trainwreck”-Sun, 8:00 a.m.  (show runs 7-9 a.m. online
July 7 @Radio Interview-Guest on Ron Olesko’s “Traditions”-Sun, 4:00 p.m. (show runs 3-6 p.m. on local radio 89.1 FM or online
July 13 @PFS CD Release Show- w/Meghan Cary & Analog Gypsies-Sat, 7:30 p.m. @ Philadelphia Folksong Society
July 14 @Radio Interview-Guest on Artie Martello’s “Catskill’s Cafe”-Sun, 3:00 p.m. (show is 2-4 p.m. on local radio WIOX 91.3 FM or online
July 16 & 30 @Radio Interview-Guest on ‘Jersey Jim’ Sereda ‘Spin Zone’ WUSB FM 90.1 8-10 a.m.
July 21 @Radio Interview-Guest on John Sillberg’s Small Time Radio Show-Sun, time TBD  (show runs 12-3:00 p.m. @ CKOL 93.7 FM Campbellford Ontario)
July 21 @Radio Interview-Guest on Freidrich Hog Radio Free FM ‘Nackastchen’ (Airs US EST 6-9 p.m.)
July 27 @Huntington Folk Fest- begins 11:00 a.m. and runs through late evening (Heckscher Park, Huntington Long Island); playing early afternoon
Aug 16-18 @Philly Folk Fest-Fri, Lobby Stage & Sun, Culture Tent (time and other information TBA soon)
Aug 23 @Robin’s Nest-Fri, 6:30-8:30 p.m. (Mt Holly, NJ)

Its been a really fun last few months between finishing the album and several special shows - speaking of which, here is a shot by amazing photographer Bill DiCecca from a show I did for City of Philadelphia at iconic Love Park as part of a rededication of the Dell Music Center.  Was a fabulous day and great to share with Irene Lambrou on BVs and Michelle Lynn on bass

Thank you for all the support and wishing you all the best, and a beautiful Summer

                            – Marion

PS - dont forget your free download of a track from the album!

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